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SWiP bylaws (blueprint)
UChicago Society of Physics Students
UChicago Physics Department
UChicago homepage
Argonne National Laboratory
The Physics Career Resource

women in physics links

American Institute of Physics statistics
The Global Survey of Physicists powerpoint
AAS Committee on the Status of Women
Association for Women in Science data
Pathways to Science This is What a Scientist Looks Like @ tumblr

physics resources

HyperPhysics: generally useful physics reference site.
Schrodinger wave simulator
Trig identities @ Wikipedia and Table of trig identities: useful references for trig identities.
Ripple tank applet: an applet that simulates various waves & wave phenomena in 2D.
Lens/mirror combination applet: Java applet that allows you to play with combinations of concave/convex lenses & mirrors to visualize image formation.
'How to become a good theoretical physicist'
Online Courses in Physics Suggested by Jasmine P.

educational resources

On the physics of pullback cars: some classroom projects on Newtonian mechanics involving cars. Suggested by a student from northern California.
Learning Newton's laws using cars: Suggested by Mary.
Automechanics resources: Suggested by Barbara and Lauren.